About Vaccine Cab

Purpose-built vaccine refrigerators (PBVR) are the preferred means of storage for vaccines. Domestic refrigerators are designed and built for food and drink storage, not for the special temperature needs of vaccines.

Quick Product Specifications

• Temperature control range +2°C to +8°C
• Fan forced air circulation
• Digital temperature indication
• Maximum/Minimum data recall
• Internal light user selectable on-off

Vaccine Cab Details

Special Features of Vaccine Cab

  • Units come standard with a data logger that continually records temperature readings that can be downloaded to a computer.
  • Auto dialer (optional). Automatically dial your chosen number in case of power failure.
  • Available in solid door for all models (preorder)
  • Battery back up for each electronic controller, data logger, as well as Hi&Lo digital thermometer.
  • Shelf basket allowed more product storage.
  • Vaccine Cab Details4x manoeuvrable castors.
Vaccine Cab Features
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Temperature Pad Shelf basket storage Data Logger OCPP Compliant Product